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Inspired by the Boost C++ libraries, Jolt.NET aims to complement the .NET Base Class Library (BCL) and .NET Framework with algorithms, data structures, and general productivity tools. It is the hope of the authors that Jolt.NET features will one day be represented in .NET.

Jolt.NET libraries are implemented with the following goals in mind.
  • Avoid duplication with existing, actively used projects, and do not introduce trivial functionality wrappers.
  • All code is organized in concise, well documented structures.
  • All code is maintainable, thoroughly tested, and performs optimally in terms of speed and resource usage.


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If you use the Jolt.NET libraries to support your own or your organization's software development, please consider making a monetary donation to the library authors. Your donation will help support the continued development of Jolt.NET.

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Jolt.NET uses the following software libraries to support or complement its implementation. We thank the authors for their hard work and contributions to the software development community!

Rhino Mocks

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